Fighting the Darkness

Setting Out: Warehouse
Some things are just way too hard to kill...

Setting Out: The Warehouse

Alexander Lyne had fled to Germany after wreaking some havoc in England. Hunted by Earl Humphrey Angus Haddaway VII and Jared Attar, he went from England to the Normandy, to Frankfurt, Stuttgart and at last to Zweibr├╝cken.

Here his trail went cold. Jared and Earl, both out to kill – or at least to disable – Lyne, only picked up a few traces of him. The local gypsies had helped them out despite Earl’s less than splendid introduction, and pointed the two seekers towards a local information broker, someone who was clued-in into bits of the supernatural world.

Following the gypsies’ advice, the two met with Vasily Johann Horowitz, who turned out to be more than just an information broker. Vasily made use of his contacts and picked up a trail Lyne had left behind: He had been seen near a warehouse in Oberauerbach.

Vasily led the seekers to the warehouse, intent on tagging along… out of reasons he kept to himself. They arrived at the warehouse and spotted some movement within. The group decided to climb into the upper section of the warehouse where the offices were located. Jared, trained as he was, climbed up fast and silently, covering for his fellows when he reached the upper floor. Earl made use of thaumaturgy to levitate up and step safely into the office section, whereas Vasily had to climb by himself, without the aid of supernatural power or extensive training.

When Vasily finally came up, he accidentally knocked a few stones loose, and thus interrupted some people talking quietly in the adjacent room, who then came out running and gunning. As it turned out, the two guards were supported by a ghoul who turned out to be horribly hard to kill. Out of the two guards, only one survived the encounter, the other having been killed and partially eaten by the hungry ghoul. After some easy information retrieval (kind words and a bow… ask Capone for the rest), the group decided to stay in the warehouse, waiting for more guards with vital information, and maybe even Lyne himself, to show up.

The information they had so far was quite sparse… a group named Raditz’ Hexer was involved, and the Wardens were called in by Earl. Their arrival would place them in the warehouse in a few days’ time, being currently busy elsewhere. What would follow remains to be seen.


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