Aina Amjad

A mysterious wizard, standing in relation to Martin


Aina Amjad is a full-blown wizard, with all appropriate powers plus an unknown amount of extra power heaped on top.

It can be assumed that she has at least the following powers:

  • Evocation
  • Thaumaturgy
  • The Sight
  • Refinement (?)

Several Aspects of Aina have also been uncovered:

  • Master of Deception
  • A Loss so Great… Revenge is What I Seek

Known History

Aina Amjad was a customer of Farid’s, buying several smaller pieces from him, from Talismans to more occult things. The group uncovered her abilities as a wielder of magic when they were chasing Lyne, being led to the mysterious Teufelsbrunnen.

Nothing else is currently known.

Aina Amjad

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