Alexander Lyne

Fromer co-student of Earl's, now a wizard fallen to evil and darkness


Alexander Lyne is a wizard of some power that has turned to Black Magic to outclass his co-student at the time, Earl Haddaway VII. Since his fall to the dark powers, his power has steadily risen.

It can be assumed that he has at least the following powers:

  • Evocation
  • Thaumaturgy
  • The Sight
  • Refinement (?)
  • Lawbreaker (First Law)
  • Lawbreaker (Fifth Law)

Known History

Alexander Lyne is the child of the now deceased Melinda Lyne and her husband Henry Lyne. His parents died in a car accident when he was still a young child, and he was passed to the care of foster homes. He suffered through the system and was not taken as an adopted child, became a permanent orphan.

At the age of 13, Lyne’s powers began to show. He was taken into the care of the Haddaway household and taught magic together with Earl Humphrey Angus Haddaway VII. Early rivalries between the children soon formed into a more spiteful relationship, that became caustic when Alex could not keep up with his co-student in terms of capabilities and talent.

After some years, Lyne began to turn towards more questionable means of wizarding. He sought power from a many different sources and was often chided for doing so. He finally overstepped the line forever, when he sacraficed a household servant in a dark ritual he had gained access to. The woman bled to death and provided Alexander with great power, which he used to nearly kill his mentor Morgan Haddaway (Earl’s grandfather).

After the incident the Wardens moved in to capture Lyne, but he escaped by unknown ways. Since then he has been on the run, wreaking havoc from England to Germany. When last seen he was preparing a rite near Pirmasens, probably in order to bring about more of his Zombie minions.

Interrupted and nearly killed by Jared Attar, Lyne fled into the Nevernever, gravely wounded and probably deprived of his base of operations and power in the location. It remains to be seen if he is gone for good or still roaming about.

Sightings and Traces

Alexander Lyne has shown himself several times over the last years. Wherever he went, he left chaos and misery behind:

  1. London; He sacraficed at least two minor talents in the area to power a dark ritual, it’s intentions and effects unknown.
  2. Normandy; Lyne left his mark on the Normandy by ways of experimenting with necromancy. He used the vast power of the D-Day battlefields, but was cut short when a squad of Wardens locked him down for a few hours. Lyne slipped his pursuers again and went into hiding for a while.
  3. Frankfurt; Short sighting by a local Warden.
  4. Stuttgart; Identified by residual magic
  5. Zweibrücken; Traced by Earl Haddaway VII (see below)

Sightings in the Area

  1. Abandoned Warehouse in Oberauerbach, together with someone from the group Raditz’ Hexer. The place contained two gangsters and a ghoul; see Casefile Log Entry 1
  2. Bibliotheca Bipontina, trying to obtain a copy of a rare book called Sumerian Transcripts
  3. Farid El-Amin’s store, actually obtaining the Sumerian Transcripts for the stately sum of 5.000 Euros
  4. The Globus Market in Zweibrücken, close to Einöd, doing some shopping (might have obtained materials for something important)
  5. The Teufelsbrunnen, a magically powerful location inhabited by a Freeholding Lord named Martin
  6. A barren clearing in the Pfälzer Wald, working on an open mass grave, reviving zombies. He was gravely wounded but escaped into the Nevernever

Alexander Lyne

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