Gabrielle Sachs

The Warden for Rhineland, a proud and powerful Wizard


Gabrielle is a capable Wizard and Warden of the White Council.

She has the following powers:

  • Evocation
  • Thaumaturgy
  • The Sight (plus Soulgaze)
  • Wizard Constitution
  • Refinement (3)

Several Aspects of Gabrielle have been uncovered:

  • Soul of a Merciless Hunter
  • Patient and Thorough in Condemnation

Known History

Gabrielle became became apprentice to a wizard in 1933 and trained under her mentor Isaac Bergmann for nine years before she was accepted into the White Council. She had a name of herself in a few struggles she had to live through, and was made a Warden in 1963.

Since her elevation to Warden she has become known as the most skilled Air-Evoker in central europa and has given lessons to a variety of new Warden recruits. She has been granted her own region to watch over shortly after she proved she was capable of fighting off the enemies of the Council. She has been made responsible for the Rhineland and Saarland areas, and takes her responsibility very seriously, unless Karl Leitz interferes, in which case she defers to him.

Her methods are that of a patient and merciless hunter. Once she has condemned someone in her mind, the target looses all rights as living creature to her, and she will hunt it down until there is no place left to run. She is known to be exceedingly dangerous to her enemies.

Gabrielle Sachs

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