Karl Leitz

Old and powerful Warden of the White Council


As a Warden, Karl Leitz is a powerful combat wizard, posessing exceptional capabilities in offensive magics. He is considered one of the premier earth-evokers in Europe. In keeping with his element of choice, he is also quite stubborn and resilient, easily keeping to established patterns and never varying much. Over the course of his career, Leitz has gained the status as Regional Commander for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It can be assumed that he has at least the following powers:

  • Thaumaturgy
  • Evocation
  • Wizard’s Constitution
  • The Sight
  • Soulgaze
  • Refinement (at least 4 or 5)

Known History

Leitz counts among the mature wizards, being over 100 years of age. His past is currently unknown mostly, except for the recent events.

Leitz was one of the more proactive members of the Wardens, when it came to the issue of Alexander Lyne‘s betrayal. He considers Earl’s teacher (and grandfather) a risk to the Council and keeps close tabs on him and Earl to make sure they can be taken down appropriately.

When Earl decided to follow Lyne into germany, Leitz was apparently quite happy, moving into Zweibr├╝cken not soon after Earl Haddaway VII.

Karl Leitz

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