Maximilian Wolf

Vasily's brother-in-law, senior official of the Regulatory Authority


Maximilian is a Pure Mortal in all likelihood. Thus he has no Supernatural Powers, and is limited to Mortal Stunts, and has survived his career in part because of them:

  • Leadership (Presence-Stunt)
  • Teflon Persona (Presence-Stunt)

Known Facts

  • Age: 39 years.
  • Husband of Anna Kathrin Wolf
  • Father of two Children: Michael Wolf and Olga Wolf
  • Lives in the Herzogstrasse, Zweibr├╝cken ( Inner City )
  • Senior Official of Zweibr├╝cken’s Regulatory Authority
  • Benevolent stance towards the local gypsies thanks to Vasily

Maximilian Wolf

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