Raimund Bäcker

Ringführer of the Ringverein Zweibrücken


Raimund Bäcker is one of the most-dangerous mortals in Zweibrücken, a strong and very intelligent man knwon not only to violence but also to cunning. Nontheless, as far as it is known he is a Pure Mortal, although he might sport more than a few stunts on his own.


Known History

Raimund Bäcker served in the military in his youth and became a passionate hunter early in his life. He trained and worked as security guard and has taken part in a few smaller boxing championships.

he was charged with double manslaughter in 1974 when he was 27 years old. He served 11 years in prison before his contacts could set him free before his time (he was sentenced to 20 years in jail, originally).

After his stay in prison Bäcker vanished into the darker side of the city, and soon became on of the Ringbrüder of the Ringverein Zweibrücken. Over six years he muscled himself to be the leader of the group, the Ringführer.

Raimund Bäcker

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