Ruben Varnham

Dutch Drug Smuggler selling to the Ringverein


Ruben is a tough and smart man, but still in all likelihood a Pure Mortal, sporting maybe two or three stunts total.


Known History

Ruben moved into the Zweibrücken area almost nine years ago, starting to peddle his wares to the local criminals. He is a supplier, not a direct salesman. Four years ago he switched his methods from small-time gangster to big-shot, by upping his “import rate” by several hundred percent in less than three months.

Since he upped his own import rates, he has started to gather followers around himself, from some small-time clerks making his accounts look squeaky clean to the hired gunmen standing at the ready to put a bullet in your head, should you try get too close to Ruben. Several murders go to his account, a well-known fact in the darker sides of the community, but still he runs free.

It has come to the attention of the people that Ruben is not to be messed with. Outside of his own protection he enjoys a decent amount of “friendly help” from the Ringverein Zweibrücken, a collection of stone-cold criminals.

Ruben Varnham

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