Selen Vallié

Wyldfae Host of the Villa Ipser


Known as Selen Vallié in the mortal world, the Sidhe’s real moniker is not currently known. She is, apparently, one of the faerie and circles in the upper reaches of the power structure, although not quite up there. As she is a Wyldfae, she is bound to neither summer nor winter, whom both have interests in the surrounding area.

Selen has all the normal faerie weaknesses and benefits, but much more besides this is not known. She could have all kinds of powers.


Known History

Some time after World War 2 Selen began showing interest in the greater area, and began to seek a place to stay. Through deals and manipulation – befitting her status as Sidhe – she acquired the Villa Ipser in 1964. Since then she has hosted many a great prom for different purposes, from the school prom of the Helmholtz Gymnasium to a noble corporate dinner for the Götz company.

In the recent years, after the establishing of the Unseelie Accords, Selen worked to get the Villa Ipser worked out as an Accorded Neutral Ground. After long work she got the status and is now something of a safe-house for the supernatural forces meeting in the area.

Since the acquisition of status, Selen has been an engimatic and silent influence on the city. Recently she has taken up the grievance of Summer and Winter Court regarding Adrian Trapp, and bartered with the group for their neutral aid in this problem – successfully.

Selen Vallié

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