Edward Reich III, Sir

Knight Commander of the Lionheart Order


Edward Reich is a strongly built man, clocking in at 1.80m height and approximately 100 kg of well trained muscle. He is a True Believer with at least one Item of Power, and easily a threat to some supernatural predators.

It can be assumed that he has at least the following powers:

  • Bless This House
  • Guide my Hand
  • Item of Power (Sword)

Known Aspects

  • Learned the Lesson … Trust is to be Earned

Known History

What is known about Reich at the moment is very little: He is a knight of the Lionheart Order and has served as such for at least 20 years, since he was a young man. He is a True Believer and dedicated his life to God’s service. He is a very capable combatant with his sword and should not be underestimated.

Reich also seems to be either paranoid or a man of little trust. When he agreed to meet the group via a common contact, Klara Wagner, he came fully armed with at least ten other knights and his private bodyguard. Everyone except Reich was armed to the teeth and ready for combat.

Edward Reich III, Sir

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