Theodor Armin Fabel

UFS-77, on the case!


Theodor Armin Fabel is a Pure Mortal, probably sporting a few stunts. He is focused on his police activities, sporting high skill ratings in at least:

  • Investigation
  • Presence
  • Intimidation

Known History

Not much of Armin’s history is known as of yet. He is a long-time police officer, having worked with the UFS divisions for more than one decade at least. Before his service with the police and UFS units, he was trained in the Bundeswehr.

Theodor has an extremely rough sense of humor and seems to have a knack to step into bad spots, aggravating others quiet easily. When it comes to the hard part, though, Theodor seems like a man that can be trusted. He is armed to the teeth (with illegal weaponry on top of it all) and knows how to handle himself, not even flinching in the face of oncoming zombies.

Theodor Armin Fabel

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