Sumerian Transcripts

A book containing transcriptions from ancient sumerian ruins and texts


Sumerian Transcripts is a book that dates back to 1893, and is worked in an elaborate original-leather binding. The contents are printed and are transcribed text fragments from old Sumeria, from ruins and some remaining old slabs.


The book was written from 1887 through 1893 as a work of love by the archeologist Ethan Harwick whom had specialized in ancient cultures, including the Sumerian one. All of the texts are the best possible transcriptions made at the time, verified by several other linguists.

The texts themselves were written down indiscriminately, without knowledge about what they might actually be. Nearly all copies of the book vanished in the early 1901, and only about ten to twenty copies remain in the world. As the book is relatively unknown, the owners rarely know what treasure they have at hand.

In the supernatural community word is that the book might contain powerful rituals, maybe even summonings of the beings and creatures of the old Sumeria, something that sane people try to avoid and insane people try to get their hands on. There is currently no verification regarding the issue of rituals within the book.

Sumerian Transcripts

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