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  • Known Allies

    h3. Primary Allies * [[:mira-losov | Mira Losov]], leader of the local gypsies and her group as whole. * [[:klara-wagner | Klara Wagner]], member of the police and the [[Ordo de Silva]]. * [[:theodor-armin-fabel | Theodor Armin Fabel]], police …

  • The Gypsies

    The local gypsies are a proud and stoic group, standing in the face of prejudice whilst keeping those wanting them gone safe from things that lurk in the darkness. Led by [[:mira-losov | Mira Losov]], the group is tight-knit and loyal to one another …

  • Allied Organizations

    * [[The Assassins]], the mysterious murderers following a divine agency * [[The Gypsies]], a local group that tries to protect the 'sleepers' * [[Ordo de Silva]]