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  • Theodor Armin Fabel

    h3. Known History Not much of Armin's history is known as of yet. He is a long-time police officer, having worked with the [[UFS-77 | UFS divisions]] for more than one decade at least. Before his service with the police and UFS units, he was trained in …

  • Mira Losov

    h3. Known History The history of Mira Losov and [[The Gypsies | her band of gypsies]] is mostly shrouded in mystery, since they do not like to talk about it. It is known though that she comes from the eastern European countries originally, and that her …

  • Klara Wagner

    h3. Known History Currently not much of Klara Wagners history is known. She has worked with the police force for some time, while also maintaining a very active membership in the [[Ordo de Silva]]