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  • ps_overview

    The “City Sheets” of Pirmasens, dated 5th October 2011 "High Level Sheet":http://selgrad.vs150059.vserver.de/df/ps_highlevel.jpg

  • ps_districts

    The districts of Pirmasens are as follows (with the core Aspect in brackets): * [[Erlenteich]] * [[Horeb]] * [[Husterhöhe]] (High Tech, Low Life) * [[Kirchberg]] * [[Ruhbank]] * [[Schachen]] * [[Sommerwald]] * [[Winzler Viertel]] There also …

  • ps_loc

    *A* * [[Alter Friedhof]] mit Carolinen-Saal
    *E* * [[Exerzierplatz]] mit dem [[Neuen Rathaus]]
    *L* * [[Lutherkirche]]
    *N* * [[Neuffer am Park]]
    *R* * [[Rheinberger-Komplex]]

  • ps_otherloc

    *Hidden Clearing with Chapel* Appearance: Session 04, Casefile 01 A clearing in the Pfälzer Wald, including an abandoned mass grave and an unnamed chapel. [[:alexander-lyne | Alexander Lyne]] used the grave as a source for zombie-creation.