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Here you can find all character-relevant information, from Character Sheets to Allies, Enemies and other Characters (whatever they may be):


Important organizations are detailed in this section, providing a general overview of the way things currently are and what to keep in mind.

City Information – Zweibrücken

Zweibrücken, together with its nearby settlements, is a city that in recent history turned from a bombed ruin into an economically troubled city and, just in the last decade, into a prosperous center of civilization. But what lies behind the sudden and miraculous recovery from high rates of unemployment and looming poverty? Here you can find information on the different districts of Zweibrücken and other locations that relate to the city.

City Information – Pirmasens

Pirmasens, built atop seven hills like the “Holy City” of Rome, is caught in a silent war of its own. The White Court dominates the city, with those feeding on fear and despair in the top ranks. The city has lost most of its business in the last few decades, thousands of citizens left, and it is internally rotten…

Outside Business

Whatever may go on outside of Zweibrücken yet still be of relevance will be noted in this section. This includes events in the war against the Red Court and its allies, as well as other vital information.

The Current State of the World

The timeline of the campaign is currently set at the time of the novel Grave Peril, not far from the start of the Vampire War. The Red Court is still maintaining a facade of civility while it is gathering forces and power all around.

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