Raditz' Hexer

The group known as Raditz’ Hexer are one supernatural powerbloc in the local area of Zweibr├╝cken. While they are not really powerful compared to things like the Vampire Courts, Faeries and others, they represent a major power among the mortal practitioners of the art. The Hexer consist of four distinct Sorcerers and several more Minor Talents and Focussed Practitioners.


So far as it is known, the Hexer have gathered around Micah Raditz in 2001. Since then, they have created a stable power base, supporting their members with mundane weaponry and guards.

In 2003, the presence of the Hexer was made more or less public in the area, and Karl Leitz swooped in to teach them sternly of the Laws of Magic. In his investigations he had not found any guilty sorcerers, but he still warned them gravely to never break one of the Laws.

In 2007 the Hexer became involved with the UFS-77 in a bad way, being accused of several crimes. The accusations did not check out, though, and the Hexer have been carefull about the law.

Hierarchy and Known Persons

Leader: Micah Raditz, Sorcerer
Second in Command: Unknown as of yet.
Other Members: Unknown as of yet.

Known Relationships

UFS-77: The Hexer are watched by the UFS-77, more specifically, by Theodor Armin Fabel. He thinkgs they’re crooked and have broken the laws of society.

Raditz' Hexer

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