The Gypsies

The local gypsies are a proud and stoic group, standing in the face of prejudice whilst keeping those wanting them gone safe from things that lurk in the darkness. Led by Mira Losov, the group is tight-knit and loyal to one another without any hesitation or reservation.


About twelve years ago the group around Mira Losov moved into the region around Zweibr├╝cken/Pirmasens, and began to make themselves useful. They slowly but surely crafted connections to those who might help, and have since then settled in Zweibr├╝cken proper. Multiple times the local politicians, especially the nazi movement, have attacked them (verbally, physically or socially) and tried to push them out.

In the recent years, the group has formed a solid contact with Vasily Johann Horowitz, something that turned out to be mutually beneficial. Among other things, he provided them with a hidden weapons cache near Contwig for emergencies, as well as firearms training.

Hierarchy and Known Persons (local)

Gypsy Matron: Mira Losov
Contact Man: Emilian Radev

Known Relationships

Lionheart Knights: Even though the Knights have offered help (albeit hesitantly), the Mira has denied them any and all help from their side. For her, the church is something to be avoided at all costs – she refuses to work directly with the church or the Knights, but is agreeable to work via proxies.

The Gypsies

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