Villa Ipser

Game Information

Description: An old manor inhabited by a powerful Wyldfae providing Accorded Neutral Ground
The Idea: Accorded Neutral Ground
The Aspect: Accorded Neutral Ground
The Faces:
     - Selen Vallié, Host
     - Manfred Baum, Security Expert


The Villa Ipser was built in 1908 for the shoe-fabricator Anton Ipser, and has since then changed hands to Selen Vallié, a Wyldfae with – as usual for the Sidhe – enigmatic goals. Selen acquired the building in 1964 and has acquired the status as Accorded Neutral Ground several years ago.

Since the place has been recognized as Accorded Neutral Ground, it has been open to visitors. Everyone may come and claim the ANG for their own, being safe and secure. The servants of the house are informed and provide what they can to claimants, provided it lies within reasonable limits.

Since some smaller incidents happened at the Villa Ipser, Selen has hired Manfred Baum, a clued-in mortal working as “Special Security Expert”, which translates to “Killing Supernaturals for Hire”. Being heavily clued-in, Manfred began upping security on the Villa and brought in some rough-edged folk to provide personal security if needed.

Villa Ipser

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