Valerie Allison Carter

Airport Manager


Of american descent, Valerie made a name for herself in the region, becoming the chief airport manager and co-owner within 20 years. Even through all of her success, Valerie is still a Pure Mortal.


Known History

Valerie is the child of a U.S. soldier stationed in Zweibr├╝cken, who died not long after his daughters birth. Valerie and her mother were getting along barely, and things turned problematic when Valerie decided to study at campus. She had to take a sidejob to get by and pay all her fees.

When Valerie turned 23, her mother died of a sudden and unexpected cardic arrest of the most severe kind. Valerie was crushed by the event and fell apart mentally. It took a few years of psychic aid to get her back on track, and after she finally found her balance again, she continued her studies and graduated at the top of her class.

She worked long and hard, and got a job at the airport management, slowly but steadily climbing the ladder. In 1999 she came to be the chief manager of the airport. Valerie had also traded in stocks and became very wealthy, buying into the airport with a lot of funds earned in the stock market.

By today, Valrie is one of the most-successful people in the region.

(The information is taken from a newspaper article)

Valerie Allison Carter

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